Sarah Wambold

Sarah Wambold is a writer & funeral director in Austin, TX

Creating experiences and generating ideas that help people better understand death and dying.

Interviewed by Tamara SantibaƱez for discipline press

Email: sarahwambold at gmail dot com

selection of work

interviews about death:

Death Doula Marne Lucas is changing our End-of-Life Aesthetics Bitch Media, 2019
What The Texas Fetal Remains Ruling Really Means and How You Can Take Action Death and the Maiden, 2016
An Interview With Two Female Cryonicists, The Toast, 2014

natural Burial is the truth:

At Rest in the Fields, The Texas Observer, Print + Online, 2015
For Sue, On Working With the Dead, Covered W/Fur, 2015

the Funeral Director Experience:

The Length of My Skin, Adult Mag, 2015 (PDF)
Crossover Potential, Joyland, 2015

book Reviews:

Putting an End to It All: Understanding Suicide, The Los Angeles Review of Books, 2015