He also said to keep talking about her

I wrote this in 2014. I found it digging through old docs looking for something else entirely. I am posting it unedited.

When I was really considering Theresa Duncan I was also considering David Berman. I was also considering dying, because I was in love and I was sad;

When I went to the Silver Jews show in 2008 there was a fight that broke out in the middle of the floor before they took the stage. At a Silver Jews show! An actual fight, like I would have expected at a rager. 

After the show, we were enthralled and just kept talking and talking, until it was almost time to close the bar. We were under a tree outside then went inside, where Cassie was tearing down the party. She told us to get David to sign his book, even though it was our second copy, we didn’t have his autograph on either one.

I considered not asking him, but I did anyway. Because it was so easy and he wanted us too. 

When we got done talking and signing, we waved goodbye. I was halfway up the street before I turned back and found him almost on his way out of the club. I told him I had a to ask him something. He stopped. He settled in. He lifted his leg upon the step of the stage so as to rest easier to hear my piece about how I knew of a friend of his and how sorry I was that he had lost her, and how that must really suck. His arm was propped up on his knee like he was about to have his graduation picture taken. He looked that innocent. Like bad things hadn’t yet happened to him and I just told them that they did. Then with the grace of my memory he said thank you.

David Berman is one cool dude, forever and always. My obsession way back when and now.