Looks like we have a problem

Checked in with female entrepreneur culture this weekend at an event focused on developing your brand and networking. By the look of it, I could see how we are truly living in the era of highly accessible stylishness - everyone looked incredibly instagrammable and rich, perhaps the truest legacy our generation has to offer. Surface level put-togetherness. Enviable presence online and offline.

But I project.

At the cantina during lunch, I talked with a group of women who seemed exhausted by the vibe. They recoiled from words like ‘self-care’, ‘journey’, ‘transition’, ‘inclusive’  et al. buzzwords often used in female marketing and had been overused without deeper investigation at the sessions they had attended. They struggled to stay interested. They wanted real advice. At the next session I attended, I got some.

A product designer for a large tech company said when her team took a long, hard look at their research and feedback for a persistent problem, they realized better design wasn’t going to solve it. “We had a business problem.” she said. “We had to change how we did business because delivering a pretty package wasn’t going to solve it.”