Hons and the today world

A friend gave me a copy of Jessica Mitford’s memoir Hons and Rebels late last year which I just now read. I really had not been all that interested in Jessica outside of her one book (you know the one). I was satisfied with knowing just the most topical details about her and her warped family. However, Hons and Rebels was enthralling in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It feels quite timely as it reflects on her youth and exploration of politics and class in England, which lead to her rebellious activism at the outbreak of WWII. The state of the today world feels eerily similar to then. her despair over the political divide among her family and her drive to become part of the political resistance are all evident (some lesser than others) in my life at the moment. In a particularly haunting chapter (21) that describes the mundane atmosphere of Britain when the news was received that Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, she observes that “The anticipated storm of indignation simply didn’t materialize”. She could just as easily be describing today, as one toggles on and off of Twitter looking for evidence that the outrage could sustain itself through an invasion.

Sarah Wambold