My first green burial workshop

I am presenting a workshop on establishing green burial space in Texas at A Natural Undertaking ATX in August. It's going to be a day full of everything you need to know about alternative death care, something I have dedicated my career in funeral service to.

Conservation burial practices and caring for our dead go together surprising well in Texas. Our laws are less strict about industry involvement, land is available for this use and well, there is a lot of it. Even for people who are just curious about green burial, who want to know if it is the right choice for themselves or their loved ones can benefit from learning about what goes into creating a space to bury the dead naturally. If we understand the full concept, we can more fully embrace the practice.

I'll be hosting alongside two other women in the Austin alternative death community who will be presenting on home funerals and death doula work. Visit our website for more details.

A Natural Undertaking ATX Workshop
August 26, 2018
Casa de Luz