In all caps

I spent about an hour yesterday attempting to locate an email from a friend that contained a compliment to me, given by one of their friends regarding some writing I had done. When I could not find it, I checked my DMs and the texts on my old phone to see if it had actually been sent there. It was in none of those places, leaving me to believe I either deleted it or dreamed it. The mental state I was in yesterday (fragile) occurs with enough regularity that I can't imagine I would have deleted such a valuable message. The people involved in it create work I very much admire and if I am to believe I was in an emotional place at some point in the past where their acknowledgement didn't mean enough to me to keep the container it was sent in, then I guess I will have to settle with believing I fantasized the whole thing.

I did however come across a message I had written to this friend asking for their address so I could send them a gift. I could not for the life of me remember what I sent them when I read their response saying how much they loved it.