Cemetery work

I found out tonight that one of the city's favorite pedestrian bridges, the one that goes across Lady Bird Lake and alongside Lamar Blvd, was built as a way to cover a pipe that moves the sewage generated by the high rise condos out of downtown.

The path of rich people's shit can be traced all over the work I do as well, which is currently to create a non-profit for cemetery rehabilitation and sustainability. There are two cemeteries in Austin that have sewage leaking into them, and as they are no longer generating income, no one is concerned with cleaning them up.

Somehow, I have found myself wading into this river of fundament, trying to 'build a bridge' between the current plot owners and the city to re-route the sewage in order to connect the space with potential future plot owners.

 I was explaining this to a friend a while back who asked me objectively why the shit was an issue. I answered honestly: it's really not. Objectively, we could have shit running over graves or through downtown but we're not conditioned to like that. And most importantly, I am not conditioned like that. This stuff is disgusting to me, I can't even handle it when coworkers talk lovingly about potty training their babies. 

But it is a good reminder that on some level all this shit talk is acceptable. I aim to get there.