Selective memory

Late Thursday night a friend tweeted at me asking if I remembered the band we had attempted to see at the Mohawk the last time we hung out together. Neither of us could remember anything about it other than that the audience felt hostile and we left early. The bad energy is all that sticks in our minds and its driving us crazy trying to figure out who it is. If you can help, some clues are: indie/folk music, song about astrology or something celestial, seems like it was just a female with a guitar, 2010/2011. All leads welcome!

One other thing I remember is us driving under the overpass downtown on 7th and her telling me about a guy she just starting dating who had a pet iguana. They are married now and I think she is expecting a baby. As harrowing as it was to identify a completely black spot in my fairly recent memory, it somehow also brightened my perception of that time of my life. Until Thursday night, I almost exclusively thought of it as very lonely and I am pleased to be reminded of the moments that weren't.