water cremation spa in the mall

I was thinking about alkaline hydrolysis today, probably because it took center stage in my dream last night and I was also emailing about it as soon as I woke up. All day I was obsessed with the question of if I had an opportunity to try it before I died, would I do it? If there was a way to try it at 50% it's strength, to just get to the very edge of disintegration where you start to feel very hot and liquidy, perhaps like being in a swirling sweat lodge, would I participate?  What if it was styled like one of those hydrotherapy spas you pass in strip malls?

At first I decided I would but thinking about it now I am not so sure. I have never been buried alive or in a closed casket (I have laid in one) but I still recommend it to people for a method of disposition. I think my initial impulse to say yes says more about my insecurity about not knowing every single aspect of this death business and willing to almost dissolve into my own soup to get just a little more knowledge.