aim to die

If AOL Instant Messanger is gonna shut its little door forever at the end of the year, then I guess I am running out of time to admit that I was SavageBeast89. 

All in all, I think it was a work of service that I created an AIM name so brilliantly disguised and not at all suspicious sounding so as to give Dan S. a safe space to live out his fantasy of telling some stranger that he was very popular and that I was his girlfriend.

I did eventually expose myself, but not until I had exposed him and I got my first experience with making an amends for bad online behavior. What stayed with me was how he seemed more upset he couldn't go on pretending to someone each day after school, even if he got played for a fool. If I could tell my 16 yr old self one thing its that I've been online in 2017 and he'll be just fine.