my humble contribution

When celebrities die and the collective mourning sets in we give ourselves permission to indulge in some suspended moments of obsession. It's cathartic and it's pretty fun, if I'm being honest. I have not yet known these celebrities personally, just their work, which is really for the best and I enjoy hearing about all the weird behind the scenes stuff people start telling about them. It's true that some losses really hurt (I'm anticipating one that I won't even say aloud for fear I'll break down) but that's when the social media funerals are really good!
This is all to say that I am going to list my top Tom Petty thoughts I had on this, the occasion of his untimely death.

  1. My first introduction to him was this scene
  2. He makes me think of my brother, who has seen him live a few times, most recently this summer when he took my niece. It was her first concert.
  3. I once dated a guy who rarely emoted and seemed only to care about Frisbee golf. He played guitar once in a cover band that covered Tom Petty.  Upon discovering this and in the only instance I can recall of him ever raising his voice in excitement or showing interest in anything other than Frisbee golf he exclaimed shirtless, in the rain "I don't give a fuck, I love Petty. I saw him once." 
  4. Esme loved Tom Petty. I think about Esme a lot and think I understand what people mean when they say the day the music died.