guide post

If it's true when they say that the veil between the living and the dead is thin this time of year, my circle seems to be preparing for this assimilation of the spirit world. I have to say I'm rather pleased to have seekers as friends. I've also been thinking about it a lot myself having just finished "Living With A Wild God: A Non-Believers Search for the Truth about Everything" by Barbara Ehrenreich, which I'll write more on later.  The spiritual practices I heard about recently:

Upaya Kaushaulaya in Buddhism, which essentially translates to 'skill in means'. defines it as "the ability to bring out the spiritual potentialities of different people by statements or actions which are adjusted to their needs and adapted to their capacity for comprehension." 

A Qigong practice of standing barefoot on the earth each morning and imagining yourself grounding into it as though you were roots of a tree. You should try to experience the way the soil would feel around you, the creatures of the earth that would crawl on you. This is to help you feel connected.

I met a woman who is creating a Living Funeral ceremony, wherein people are walked through their own end of life service as a means of therapy and healing. This is popular in Asian countries to counteract the suicide epidemic and they've had great results. She is hoping it will aid in relief from depression.