what could be more true

Writing the evergreen sexual harassment post now because I feel short of breath reading all the recent news. To relieve some of the fatigue I feel I've listed a few of the incidents of harassment in my own life. I used to think these were small enough to go away on their own but they still really fuck with me whenever these scandals break:

My high school's head football coach, also our math teacher, was well known to be favoring young, usually popular, female classmates. I remember being extremely surprised that one of the girls he had groped came forward and he got reprimanded. 

In mortuary school, we had an outing to watch a baseball game. During the tailgate in the parking lot, a male student who had been drinking began to 'jokingly' smack my ass which I told him to stop doing but he didn't, until another male student saw how visibly uncomfortable I was and intervened. 

At the first funeral home I worked at, I was routinely cornered by my manager who asked about my romantic life. He began calling me at home, asking me to come over or go on rides by the lake. He was in his 60's, I was barely 21. I never went, I practiced ahead of time all of my excuses and when time came to hire me after my apprenticeship I was let go. 

While working in a wholesale flower warehouse, I saw a male coworker receive constant sexual harassment from our male manager and coworkers. I offered him support privately and offered to confront our coworkers. He was grateful, but didn't want to disturb his job which he felt lucky to have. It didn't stop me from calling them out the next time I saw it happen. I wish I could have had that same person defending me when I became the target.